"The Guardian" screenshots summer of 2008, Sheikh Mansour became the new owner of Manchester City, by huge investment to make this original middle reaches of the Premier League giants team became the world's first line, Jinyuan football power again been confirmed, And this earth-shaking changes have stimulated interest-fourth World Footballer Lionel Messi. According to the Manchester City right-back Pablo Zabaleta said, beginning five years from Macy often asking fellow with the Argentine City life. "We have to play in the same city, I was in Spain, he is Barcelona, ​​which makes us become very good friends in the summer of 2008 I joined Manchester City, only two days after I signed, Sheikh Mansour on completed the acquisition, Macy often lament I joined Manchester City in a magical time. He asked me a lot of things about Manchester City, but I have nothing to say, because even I was not very clear, but now we often talk about Manchester City, and I have been in effect here. "The British authority of the media," The Guardian "is revealed that, C Luo and Real Madrid 17 million euros annual salary for five years to renew the news Messi, because he annual salary at Barcelona It is 16 million euros, and will expire in 2016. Although Barcelona President Russell denied the news, but the Argentines for Manchester City to focus not help but wonder his true motives .In addition, when talking about cheap air max shoes usa 2015, the AIR MAX Sports shoes can be found from this USA online site: uscheapestsportsshoes.com ! Well, let's go on talking about latest sports news, soccer news.. It is reported that Macy's liquidated damages of up to 250 million euros, equivalent to approximately 208 million pounds, although this is simply an astronomical figure in view of the vast majority of the team, but it is a fraction of Sheikh Mansour, because according to "Forbes "The latest statistics, the chief of the personal wealth of up to 20 billion pounds, is to buy 100 Macy enough. This season, Manchester City finally break out from the Champions League group stage, according to UEFA rules knockout draw, they are likely to encounter in Barcelona three times over the past eight years aspirations. "If we face Barcelona in the Champions League, we will be fully prepared to do that, and this will be an incredible game," Zabaleta said, "I represent the Spanish and Barcelona Messi confront before, and I also Remember to join Manchester City's second season, Petrov's goal to help us beat 1-0 at the Camp Nou through them, so we want to reproduce the scene at the time. "Meanwhile, Pablo Zabaleta also on the English Premier League, Champions League and the World Cup Triple Crown goal to make a low-key handling. Manchester City right-back said: "I do not know, but the good news is that we are still competing for the list of these three events have 38 Premier League matches, the Champions League and the World Cup will have a lot less, and in this Cup and anything. may occur. In my personal experience, won the Premiership title is a very special experience, because this is the most important trophy in England. As for the Champions League, our opponents are top teams in Europe, so from a practical perspective, this it is very difficult to get the trophy, but we will make every effort, but football will always be unknown. "