Manchester City round 3-0 victory over Swansea City, as the starting Aguero did not score in the 79th minute and was replaced by Dzeko. Although Aguero performance is not eye-catching, but after the game Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini spoke alone or Aguero, Chile denied Aguero engineers may be lured to Real Madrid, he said: "I do not know (Aguero switch to Real Madrid rumors), at least I do not think Sergio (Aguero) will leave, so I do not believe those things written in the newspaper .In addition, when talking about cheap nike air max 90 2015, the AIR MAX Sports shoes can be found from this USA online site: ! Well, let's go on talking about latest sports news, soccer news.. "However, the formation of wear handsome remarks contrast sharply that" Mirror "," Sun "and other British media speculation still continues Aguero go to Real Madrid, reports also mentioned Casillas or to Manchester City. Real Madrid and Manchester City if things people are Florentino and Sheikh Mansour, precisely the two chiefs, last week in Dubai had a formal meeting, Florentino to Sheikh Mansour expressed "Real Madrid in the future would like Manchester depth cooperation "will, while the core elements related to cooperation is possible between the two clubs to complete a number of blockbuster trade players, such as Real Madrid next summer bid 48 million pounds buy Sergio Aguero. Florentino after expressing his thoughts, Sheikh Mansour give a positive response, he was Real Madrid president he said that some transfers can talk about Real Madrid may also be able to consider Casillas transfer to Manchester City. As for the effect produced by the meeting both sides, a lot of British and Spanish media have said: gratifying! To further confirm the acquisition Sergio Aguero Madrid do hope next summer, as well as Manchester City intends to introduce Casillas, "Sun" reporter also carried out to verify, a Real Madrid official said: "Real Madrid would like to introduce Aguero, there is no doubt, now the matter has been under negotiation in. However, we have not yet given a specific formal offer, but just talking about the possibility of this transfer and operability. "At the same time, a Manchester City officials have admits:. "Sheikh Mansour likes Casillas, Real Madrid captain he would like to see come to Manchester City," Aguero and Casillas true if you swap the doors in the summer of next year, two piles generated transfer One can imagine the sensation, and the amount of the transfer fee will be astronomical. Florentino and Sheikh Mansour during the meeting also talked about another Real Madrid Sydney - Ramos, but look at the current situation, the possibility of a move to Manchester City should have little Ramos. On the one hand, although recently a lot of Spanish media have claimed that "Florentino Ramos and relationship breakdown," Real Madrid are willing to sell 65 million euros to Ramos, but just yesterday, Ramos himself was personally said: "My relationship with Florentino still as good as before, my contract there for three years, now I am calm, I do not intend to leave Real Madrid, I do not even want to retire here, if I would feel so honored." Furthermore, compared to the completely reduced to the bench Casillas, Ramos of Real Madrid on now this is very important, if he can successfully renew + salary, there is no reason he chose to leave Real Madrid. (Nasri)