"Gazzetta dello Sport" Inter screenshots general Changyouyoudou just won the Best Asian returnees Year award at the AFC Annual Awards 2013 ceremony, but due to muscle strain, Changyouyoudou 2013 is likely to miss the remainder of the game. "Gazzetta dello Sport" disclosure, in order to enhance the strength of the team two wings, Mazari has requested the introduction of a winter sidewalk superb offensive and defensive all-rounder, Kolarov, Bennett is Inter's two main objectives. In addition, midfielder, center two positions, Inter also may be adjusted in the winter. Before the season, 13, Changyouyoudou maintained perfect attendance, 1105 minutes of playing time after Cambiasso, ranked second in the Inter array. Away against Bologna, Changyouyoudou injury leave in the first 23 minutes, "Turin Sports Daily" disclosure, Changyouyoudou left leg muscle strain, is likely to miss the remainder of the game in 2013. There are four league before Christmas, Mazari was considered old captain Javier Zanetti as Left Winger. Inter nearly hit a three-guard formation two seasons, Mazari has Nagatomo, if Natan mining potential to the extreme, but the team the two wings of the bench is not very strong, "Gazzetta dello Sport" disclosure, Austria Cirio have traveled to Manchester City, Manchester City executives to discuss matters signings. Despite previous rumors that Inter Milan interested in introducing Dzeko, but the main objective is the Océ Leo Kolarov trip, Kolarov and Manchester City's contract will expire in 2015, the Serbs always wanted to return to Serie A play , almost joined Juventus this summer. Inter want to be able to lease Kolarov half of the season, then next year depending on the performance of the summer before deciding whether to buy .In addition, when talking about cheap nike air max 90 2015, the AIR MAX Sports shoes can be found from this USA online site: uscheapestsportsshoes.com ! Well, let's go on talking about latest sports news, soccer news.. In addition Kolarov, Inter still test Chabeinate. Last weekend, Inter scouts made a special trip Martinez - Valero stadium, Valencia and Elche watch the game, although Valencia did not win, but Bennett in the 19th minute scored his present The first goal of the season in La Liga, to Inter Milan scouts in the stands left a good impression. Bennett and Kolarov's situation is similar, with the team's contract expires in 2015 were, Inter want to pay five million euros, star winger incurred under this name. In addition, 马尔奎尼奥, Insua, anse Jordi also Inter goal, regardless of which players come, Pereira Uruguay striker will be out on loan Inter Milan in the winter. The avant-garde, the center two positions, Mazari also want to reinforcement. Avant-garde position, Tuoxi Er Nayingelan Italy, but also want to introduce Nayingelan Juve, Juve away if Nayingelan, Inter only second best. Inter Milan and Genoa previously total Kuci Ka, Ku Cika later but did not come to play Inter, winter can join if Kuci Ka, Kuzmanovic, Mariga will be away, the teenager Olson It may be leased out. Center position, Ica Jordi and Baylor Foday not want Mazari 9th Mazari hoping to get either one of them dominant among Osvaldo, if unable to do so, may be ahead of Inter Milan Argentine midfielder recovered Botha, increase an attacking midfielder, half of the season to continue using 3511 formation.