Information Times (Correspondent Baiyun) Manchester introduction Dimaliya transaction now seems only a thin officially announced, following a few days ago, "Marca", "Sky Sports", "Daily Mail", "The Guardian" other authoritative media reports Manchester United and Real Madrid reach agreement on the transfer fee after many generals have expressed the Real Mary's blessing. And Real Madrid Xavi Alonso general more directly point out the name of Manchester United, this is for the Red Devils officially announced the deal. Prior to the Spanish transfer experts Sky Sports Balaguer has confirmed that Manchester United and Real Madrid agreed to pay Manchester United will Dimaliya 6390 pounds transfer fee (includes additional provisions) to Real Madrid, which will also go beyond the previously maintained by Torres 5000 million pounds transfer fee, but the history of the Premier League transfer standard king. Spanish "Marca" has to make the relevant reports, said Mary transfer fee for 75 million euros of floating provisions +1500 million euros, with the specific amount is almost the same to British media reports. UK local time on the 25th, Mary to Manchester examination. Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed that Mary will leave a message, he said:. ". He is now training with the team today, no official announcement yet, but the transfer is basically set up to wish him good luck." It is worth mentioning that Mary is likely to take over David Beckham, C Ronaldo, Cantona, Best and others through the Manchester United legend number 7 jersey. Xavi Alonso is on his Twitter wrote: "Thank you for everything, noodles (Mary's nickname), even if you go to Manchester United, I hope you all the best! .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League cheap man utd shirt 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: ! Well,let's continue talking about england football news.." British "Guardian" said Mary Lane in Van Gaal's 352 system will play a "wing - David" role. "His prospects are very excited to join Manchester United, he is the kind of player looking for Van Gaal's always wanted." Manchester United forced to burn two victorious Information Times (Correspondent Baiyun) Ferguson era, the Premier League Sunderland has been dubbed the "Manchester United two teams," Ferguson's team basically get points boy. But yesterday morning, Manchester United away draw with Sunderland 1:1, two rounds of the new season to start the season only 1 point, which also created the Premier League for 21 years the worst start of the Red Devils. Coach Louis van Gaal is facing a huge crisis. Although the City has twice refused to sell Mary, but aimed at the hands of Manchester United in urgent need of rescue field of Real Madrid attack, this time at Mary's transfer or severely knocked in a bamboo bar, much to offset the they then introduced overhead when C Lo. When Manchester United in the league was upset in the first round and second round draw with Sunderland Swansea, the Red Devils senior already afford to wait, they must quickly scored in the transfer market that can bring quality to the team strength the upgrade of the players, but Mary is such a person. Long before the start of the season, Van Gaal will now point out Manchester United in the biggest offensive weakness, he said:. "Now Manchester United squad is still very uneven, in this case, unless a miracle and now I want to win a full five men one on the 9th (center player) and six on the 10th (midfield) player. but no one can pull winger lineup width, or that we do not have Mary, C Ronaldo as the top-winger. "in the Netherlands 352 human system, super winger is an indispensable member of Manchester United and now the lack of such a figure. At the same time, you want to let a few games before the 9th and the 10th player to maximize, top winger contain interspersed with running and also a very good way to break through. [Cliche] Manchester United defender is "to spread the goods", right? Premier League title race in the team, whether it is in London or Manchester City and Liverpool duo have a pretty good defense, but also one or two well-known on the Tiewei defense. But look at Manchester United, today's lineup like a foot wearing a luxury brand hat, wearing a dress and barefoot poor stall Cock wire. Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie and Mata, this combination no matter where teams are called the Gold partner. In the defensive line, such a combination of Jones, Smalling and Blackett, most people greatly discouraged. Attract fans by the attack, fight for the championship by the defense, Manchester United and now this attack is not alone restrain into the lineup, but also rounded out the top four at the end of the season it? Yesterday's game, Marin the first half because of injury, came off the bench is more tender Michael Keane. Keane reveals a Sentimental or the Premier League debut for Manchester United, Blackett also only the second play, Daredevil Jones actually has is the team's most experienced defender brother, and this is really too much to bear backcourt see. Indeed, the arrival of Mary Rooney and Robin van Persie may be able to bring more help to stimulate the duo's offensive firepower. But in today's football is no longer a throw back, front chasing two of the era, the defense team sits no big-name players, it is impossible to win.