- Evans gifts defense shorted 0-4 League Cup League team Manchester United News at 3:00 on August 27, 2014-15 season, the English League Cup second round competition. Guest MK Stadium 0-4 defeat to Manchester United in the League One team Milton Keynes team, Grieg and Alfred than both scored twice. Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal has so far remained victorious race. Due to Manchester United last season ranked only seventh in the Premier League, so we should have played in the League Cup second round, which is the Red Devils in 19 years to be playing for the first time from the second round. Wimbledon is the predecessor of the Milton Keynes team is the first 10 League last season, the team to beat in the first round to advance to the AFC Wimbledon team. This is Van Gaal led the Manchester United team played their first tournament game, but also the first time the two teams battle in history. Opening the first half, Manchester United will soon occupy the scene of the initiative. The first four minutes, Powell received slightly left-footed shot inside the restricted area arc, James left pass. Immediately, Hernandez restricted area inside grab shot blocked. The first 10 minutes, Kagawa transfer bomb outside the instep behind Welbeck half a beat slower forward runs, the ball was Martin destroyed. The first 11 minutes, Porter turned in a big Manchester United penalty area left foot volley hit high. The first 20 minutes, before heading injuries because the scramble Kagawa was unable to adhere to Jianuzhayi replaced. The first 22 minutes, Burton Levin left foot hit long-range attempt to fly. The first 25 minutes, Evans the side near the bottom of a mistake passing directly by this - Reeves intercepted, Reeves got the ball back pass Road, Grieg 14 meters at the bottom left corner of the goal Tui broke his right foot to help Milton Keynes 1-0 lead. The first 34 minutes, the restricted area arc near Powell is a left foot volley slant column. Match the first half, Manchester United 0-1 teams into halftime Milton Keynes. At the beginning of the second half, Manchester United again substitutions adjustment, Pereira will Janko replaced. The first 51 minutes, the ball has been kicked James Porter booked. The first 57 minutes, Manchester United spent the last substitutions, with Wilson replaced Powell. After 2 minutes, Welbeck in the face of the containment situation right foot volley from 25 meters, the ball touching the right column will be missed. The first 61 minutes, Daniel - Tongshe Powell left the restricted area was confiscated large Degea Cepu ball. The first 63 minutes, Manchester United midfielder appeared again cross a mistake is truncated, Milton Keynes quick counterattack immediately, Reeves left cross, Anderson failed to intercept, Grieg small edge of the area hit the ball with his chest goal nets scored twice, but also to help the home team a 2-0 lead. Immediately, Grieg was substituted. The first 70 minutes, Manchester United appear again pass the ball in his own half turnovers, Milton Keynes ball immediately instigated attack, Reeves Youlei straight plug, just off the bench aphthous than 13 meters at the foot push homeopathy the lower left corner of the goal shot broke to rewrite the score 3-0. The first 72 minutes, Wilson and his left foot volley was flying Martin asked the beam. Immediately, Kay stumble Jianuzhayi booked .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League cheap referee soccer shirts 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: cheapmanutdshirts.co.uk ! Well,let's continue talking about england football news.. After that, Daniel - Powell and Virgin Kashmir shot did not create much of a threat. The first 76 minutes, Hernandez left side with a note dipped missed. The first 77 minutes, facing each other winger surprise biography, Degea awkward ball launched from the gate line. The first 80 minutes, left the restricted area Jianuzhayi big shot, the ball hit the outside of the left post up the bottom line. After Manchester United defender sent gift again. , Alfred relaxed than the first 84 minutes, straight ball accidentally headed the rescue Top Virgin Green Mill own half to the other side after the fall than in the past Alfred Evans, and 13 meters ahead of Pereira left foot volley scored twice. The first 86 minutes, Martin Pereira's shot was directly confiscated. Injury time, Anderson's shot missed. Ultimately, the Manchester United 0-4 away defeat to League One team Milton Keynes not stop at the foot of the League Cup second round. (Sandwiches) Milton Keynes team: 1- Martin / 18- Baldock, 麦克法迪恩 5-, 6- Kay, 3 Levine Dayton / 8- Potter, 14 Alicante / 22- Carruthers (60; 7- Green), Reeves 10-, 9- Bowditch (56; 17- Daniel - Powell) / 11- Grieg (68; 23- Alfred ratio) Manchester United: 1 - Deh Asia / 38-M- Keane, 6 Evans, 36- Virgin Mill / 37- Janko (46; 44- Pereira), 22- Powell (57; 49- Wilson), 26- Kagawa (20; 11- Gunuzhayi), James 41- / 28- Anderson / 14- Hernandez, Welbeck small peas 19- tight frequency fell helplessly watch the ball sigh Degea