August 24, La Liga giants Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti confirmed that the Argentine team array wing "Angel" Mary will soon move to Manchester United completed the formalities. Ancelotti revealed that Mary is no longer training with the team, although not yet officially announced, but several parties will soon enter the transfer process. "The club every effort to retain him, but Mary decided to leave." The arrival of Mary, no doubt for Manchester United last season unexamined is a huge stimulus, Van Gaal has a blueprint to rebuild the team start to shop. ◎ most expensive in the history of the Premier League this summer wait about Mary's transfer rumors prevalent, due to join the J Lo, Mary threatened status in Madrid, so Mary also rejected a new contract before Real Madrid. And yesterday, almost unified European sports media exposed the Angels will join Manchester United news, informed of the details of the "Sky Sports" revealed, said: "Mary's agent Mendes are from Singapore to Europe, the final negotiations the meeting will be carried out in the next week. "in fact Mary White Man is basically a virtual certainty, the current focus of the industry discussion shifted to Mary's worth," Marca "said Mary will be € 70 million transfer fee to join Manchester United, "daily Mail" figure given is 75 million euros, in any case, it will create a record transfer fee to become the first Premier League standard king, the previous record was 2011 winter transfer Torres to 50 million pounds to join Chelsea . But surprise, why not before Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain Dimaliya very close? In this regard, "Daily Mirror", said: "Manchester United is not only the other team can not be compared to provide a quote, and let Argentines get 5-year contract price 18 pounds weekly, which he compared to 350 in Madrid ten thousand euros annual salary much higher. "◎ C Ronaldo joined Manchester United from the news that Manchester United will team's legendary number 7 to Mary .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League cheap kids soccer kit 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: ! Well,let's continue talking about england football news.. Before this number belonged to Best, Eric Cantona, David Beckham and Real Madrid teammate Mary C Lo. Interestingly, according to "Sky Sports" Spanish football expert Balague revealed that the "angel" is determined to join Manchester United, Real Madrid teammate It sought the views of C Luo, "C Lo to Mary says a lot about Manchester United's OK events and success stories, let Mary despite feeling unable to play in the Champions League this season, Manchester United is also a good choice. "In addition, "Daily Mail" said: "Manchester United has just joined Mary Rojo is a good brother in the Argentine national team, he played a key role in the remarks." After Mary since 2010 move to Real Madrid from Benfica, A total of 189 appearances for the club, scoring 36 goals. He is the Champions League final last season MVP, to help Real Madrid win the Champions League crown tenth. But "Angel" outstanding performance on the pitch, Real Madrid did not impress the club level. In business just for fun accustomed Real Madrid Presbyterian seems Dimaliya OTC image is too undeveloped value, it also allows the "angel" of pay claims directly rejected, eventually broke up. ◎ "Angel" for Manchester United to carry the banner of every revival of Manchester United fans want the team out of the woods as soon as possible under Van Gaal led the club in the summer but is still larger than the essence of wrangling. Pay big bucks signing Luke Shaw and Herrera have been injured, and because Rojo just purchased a work permit did not run down the first time on behalf of the new primary battle. In the transfer market point of view in one after another, the result is to be each other repeatedly shill, Manchester United only reluctantly part either ripped off or inexplicable. At present, only a week away from the summer window closed, the successful completion of the transfer if Mary will become Manchester United's fifth summer signings, the most important is Van Gaal officially took over the team after a signing. By then have Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney, Mary, who team has provided a set of cronies Van Gaal's team for the reconstruction. Furthermore Dimaliya choose Manchester United is based on consideration of the future, "Sky Sports" analysis, said: "Mary needs to go to him as a hero, let him control the overall situation, a collective ambition can win, while Manchester United is in the rebuilding phase is the best choice, even if the new season can not play in the Champions League. "Although the transaction has not been settled, Mary is also not necessarily worth so much money, but this kind of action is sufficient to demonstrate the revival of Manchester United at any price level determination, both for fans of confidence enhance or stimulate the stock market for Manchester United is a positive signal.