" ! Chelsea is a little strong beat to death ," Huang thundered . Yes, Chelsea is like a phoenix reborn when they always have to be drained the last drop of blood , they want to rise from the ashes . From the beginning of the playoffs against Napoli , to yesterday's final, Chelsea is always striking . Neapolitans first laugh ; Benfica people Esen laugh ; Barcelona a 2-0 lead , play more of a person under circumstances laughed ; yesterday morning 's final, Bayern laughed many times, from advanced the ball , to get extra time penalty, the first penalty shootout Mata not enter , but only laughs best who laughs last . The last action of the game is the prescribed penalty Drogba penalty . And since then , people only laughed Drogba Chelsea firmly the fifth penalty to Chelsea with a total score of 5 to 4 win. Chelsea players all dancing champion in the history of the Champions League for the first time Chelsea 's name engraved . Bayern players or lying on the ground , or head down , melancholy and remorse occupy their hearts . The mighty German team actually lost on penalties . In London, Lineker laugh ! The over Pentecost was married to a 32 year old wife of England legend said yesterday : " In those days have passed, gone ! " In 1990 after the World Cup semi-final , he said something to praise famous German team was widely everybody's lips : "Football is played 22 to 120 minutes after the German winner of the game ." Chelsea generals who godlike " animal " Drogba : to prove themselves when the Chinese media in the future Shanghai Shenhua stir when he was 34 year-old Ivorian people are in the most critical moments , completed the most critical goal. After the game, he yelled: . " Champions League is that we should have been long ago , I think we are a top team incredible , every teammates are doing all they could , until the last moment never give up .  " Drogba is still a Jagged pure man . After the game, Bayern players are all back on the pitch in frustration , Drogba went up to one of these worthy opponent comfort and old teammate Arjen Robben gave the deepest embrace ; he did not want fans exclusive cheers , Torres ran to come and celebrate with him , Pedro Torres Bart intention to applaud the fans indicate this is a really worthy of all the praise of men ! Shenhua owner Zhu Jun microblogging exclaimed : a person's Champions League final , the real World of Warcraft + animal ! Emotionally, you ( Drogba ) really should continue to fight in Europe, where soccer is the real world ! "St. Peter" Cech : luckiest man eight years ago when Mourinho introduced only 22 years old Czech goalkeeper , many people think that madman crazy. Battle in Munich yesterday , six face a penalty , Cech six went the right way , blocking three penalties . Compared with the Bayern goalkeeper Neuer , Cech is a completely different type of top players . Neuer constantly beating the goal line , but also often a penalty kick with his back to beat a player leaps beams, do everything possible to put pressure on the opponent. Cech in goal line but as Laosengruding generally quiet , it is easier for him to make judgments way . Toldo was known as the "圣托尔more" ; at Chelsea squad , Cech was teammates affectionately known as "Big Peter ( Peter the Great ) ," The campaign over, whether people can put the Czechs called " St. Peter ' out? DiMatteo : "a war seal Buddha" DiMatteo stepped in to help the Blues with two titles a smooth transition , and he is likely to continue and therefore positive coaching . DiMatteo is always a smiling face, with his calm command and character, as well as the success of the locker room to appease everybody Gangster solve the crisis , the media gave him "Buddha handsome" nickname. Torres once again he was able to make back the feeling of scoring , but also allows Drogba , John Terry and Frank Lampard , who return to the peak of unity surging Blues sweep the FA Cup and Champions League , his results , capacity and performance are beyond doubt. With such a magical " Buddha handsome" , Abu Fu needs? Clash of the Titans Chelsea Bayern fans some more German than the Germans are not convinced , because they seem to be able to win the match, but finally lost . No one can compare more than perseverance over German , German team. German may perform better than Chelsea , but more like a German. After entering the playoffs , except over Benfica hurdle is not too strenuous , the rest of the time went to great lengths . If on the viewing angle, they can even ugly football to describe . However , winning football is the last word , the process even worthless. After a few years , you will remember champions Chelsea , Bayern will not remember is how to lose. After the game, saw Bayern face down , like a number selected , the results of five million , they did not buy because of busy work , like depression. They do this frustrating , because they're in the penalty blow , we remember their defeat on penalties , and only then lost the European Cup Czech Republic and Slovakia . Bayern is in the penalty shootout four -game winning streak , the results prove that records are made to be broken . The infinite power of dreams this title belongs to whom ? Belong Drogba , Lampard , Terry , Cole , Ferreira , Cech these old boys , are also never knew Abu distressed money , and more are likely to leave a formal contract for their di Mateo , also belong to the first time to see Chelsea standing on the summit of Europe 's Blues fans . Some say it belongs to Jose Mourinho, after all, is the madman lay Zhezhi Chelsea team . Now there is a need to explore the biggest problem is that Chelsea why so stoic ? Rehhagel led Greece, the year when the European Cup to complete myth , said: " We have never been good, so the total is ignored , and therefore the players confidence is growing, I tell them to win the game just fine ! " DiMatteo比雷哈格尔made ​​easier, he thought the old players complete obedience , which is inaction . It is not possible to explain Chelsea do ? Chelsea started from home against Napoli , Chelsea would not be optimistic until the final. After the game, speaking Drogba , DiMatteo lack Secret sex . However , Drogba believes should be their long championship , which is not to be attributed to the power of dreams ?