Drogba landing super ? Saudi clubs at least have this barrier. Xinhua News Agency issued since the night before Chelsea officially announced , Drogba will ultimately leaving the team after this season , on the " World of Warcraft " and Shanghai Shenhua when the signing official visit in the Super Stadium to become a hot topic . Now, however, the problem is not awful seemingly transaction encountered new problems , Saudi giants Al Hilal team team also has the offer to Drogba , each game appearance fees of up to £ 170,000 . May 22 evening, Chelsea officially announced to the outside world through the team's official website , Drogba will ultimately leaving the team this season , the Ivorian Warriors played Chelsea after eight seasons at Stamford Bridge and finally say goodbye . Subsequent interview , Drogba himself confirmed the news and said that Chelsea failed to win the Champions League if he will stay. In effect during Chelsea , Drogba played for the club 341 times, scoring 157 goals . He ranked fourth in the club's history scorer list, and in the Champions League 's 34 goals is to create a historical record of the club. When asked where his next stop , Drogba just replied, " I will not appear next season in the Premier League , will not play for the Blues outside the Premier League ." According to a number of UK newspapers said that Drogba is expected to be 25 million pounds of weekly signing Shenhua. Of course, Shenhua is not without competitors , Saudi giants Al Hilal have made ​​an offer to Drogba , each game appearance fees 1,000,000 Rials ( about £ 170,000 ) , signing a season. Despite rumors of Shenhua weekly given £ 250,000 higher than the Saudis offer, but the Gulf countries are basically tax-free , and Hilal has won the AFC qualification next year , plus the King's Cup match , if Germany Roba in Saudi Arabia a season , Shenhua cent more on games played 10 games or more. So far, Drogba individuals not formally disclose their next stop , about its place is still at the level of speculation . Chelsea Parade show European crown a new king worshiped by the people after investing £ 2.86 billion purchase of 66 Howard , Abramovich nine sword come to fruition . "The Sun" reported that Russian oligarchs into the locker room after the game , said this is the beginning of the Champions League trophy , however , he could get four Champions League Chelsea hope to catch up with Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Ajax . More Premiership News >> Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck revealed that : .In addition,when talking about 2014 brazil world cup, many england soccer fans may wear england world cup kit 2014 2015, the shirt is now very popular! Well, let's go on talking about england soccer news.. " Roman told the players , the team is very ambitious goals for the future in many big European clubs Showroom are arrayed thirty-four Champions League trophy, but we only have this one . Romain thanked the players that the team can win completely on their excellent play . " yesterday , Abu and the players boarded the bus , 80,000 people participated in Chelsea win the procession , " Sun ", said he received also shed tears of excitement when crossing the trophy . Furthermore newspaper also said that Abu still out of their pocket , each player awards £ 300,000 . This figure than Manchester City boss Sheikh Mansour reward the team won the Premiership title more than a £ 50,000 prize . In the history of the Champions League , Real Madrid 9 times champions ahead. In second was AC Milan , the Rossoneri had seven summit. Liverpool is the most successful club in England , they are five times their names engraved in the Champions League after the Gold Cup . Later that Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Ajax, which three teams are in the team logo embroidered on the four stars , on behalf of the team who won the Champions League four times . Abu rely on the rise as investment clubs , Chelsea suffered a veteran team before a run , is more famous for some Liverpool fans insulting Blues lyrics : " Go to hell, Chelsea , you have no heritage, five Champions League and 18 league titles , we call this heritage . " and now Chelsea fans can finally responded loudly ," we have to champion when you doing ? " Abu An -linked hand in hand accompanied by beautiful music Drogba cup flowering ( bass )