Before the league after losing to Liverpool, they have lost the battle for the Premier League : 内容 qualify for the Champions League final , has just won the FA Cup this season, Chelsea quite a bit " Cups King" meant, but it can not cover up the embarrassment of the Blues four chances , so in order to achieve Champions League qualification for next season , they left a path that beat Bayern in Munich , as the defending champion into the new season's Champions League . Was forced Huashan Road , Chelsea coach DiMatteo is actually a dangerous mind trick , in the face of historical issues Boas era , the Italians had to choose to abandon the League Cup security . This choice is right or wrong , depending on next week's Champions League final win or lose , they will bring history 's first victory in the Champions League , the failure will be the era of Abu worst season. Revenge of the Blues play Liverpool three days locked sixth league yesterday , the 37th round of the Premier League at Anfield grand finale cruised to a 4-1 victory over Liverpool Chelsea FA Cup last weekend had just hand over the opponent's Army only three days after a successful revenge Chelsea , the Blues suffered can be described as " secular newspaper ." Half Henderson and Michael Essien plus Agger scored an own goal , easily made ​​at home to Liverpool a 3-0 lead in the second half Shelvey icing on the cake for the Reds , Ramirez scored a goal to save face , fixed in the final score of 4 to 1 . Premier League round left , 61 points to catch Chelsea Tottenham and Newcastle have been impossible , but they lead the first seven points behind Everton 8 , so the league locked Blues 6 . Wang Zhengming Cup Champions Chelsea need Huashan Road 6 to the end of the league this season , which is entered after Abu Stamford Bridge, Chelsea 's league worst performance of the previous eight years , the Blues have never ranked in the top three of the league outside . In addition to ranking, Chelsea defender Jagged proud gradually gone this season, 37 have been 45 goals conceded , which is the worst record of Abu era , and from 2004 to 2005 win of the season , the Blues lost only 15 balls. Fortunately, Chelsea Cup record this season for them to save some face : Ones in the FA Cup last week , won the Champions League next week to have the chance to be called " Cup of experts ." But ironically, unless they can beat Bayern in the Champions League cup final , otherwise they can not even qualify to play in the Champions League next season at all. In accordance with the rules of the Champions League , Premier League top three will qualify directly for next season 's Champions League group stage , while the league also has a fourth playoff eligible to participate , and therefore missed the first four of Chelsea , destined not to march through the league next Champions . The FA Cup is not the Champions League entry conditions ( kick Europa League ) , the Blues now have to enter the Champions League , we must win the Champions League , even the European championship , there is no exception to enter the Champions League . Wynn is difficult to grasp at straws Bayern is not so simple to grab the Champions League as a last resort , the Blues coach DiMatteo also wisely made ​​a choice : Since Boas left the league mess , so better to sacrifice League Cup specialize . Before the Champions League semi-final second leg , Arsenal Chelsea in the league encounter , the Blues put on ice altogether Meirelles and other key while Meirelles became the away draw with Barcelona next biggest player . Champions League final corner, DiMatteo trick , a direct input 1 to 4 , save a lot of strength. With abandon League victory over Bayern can do to save energy ? I am afraid that is not so simple .In addition,when talking about 2014 brazil world cup, many england soccer fans may wear england world cup jersey 2014 2015, the shirt is now very popular! Well, let's go on talking about england soccer news.. Compared to Chelsea , Bayern 's physical condition is more favorable because the Bundesliga as early as the end of last week , rest longer.   Captain John Terry , defender Ivanovic and the recent state of good Meireleis and Ramirez , all missed the final , one might be able to overcome another Canzhen Canzhen , but the game took place at the Allianz Arena --- that was Bayern 's site .